Facebook Audience Limitation Creates New Challenges For Marketers

In today’s Marketing Minute, David discusses the challenges marketers face when considering how to use their resources to build and manage communities.  Facebook proved to be a popular platform for companies with limited budgets because you were able to build audiences organically and for free! Reaching your audience wasn’t too difficult because many updates were included in early updates and streams. But Facebook has made changes so that only a small percentage of your audience sees your updates – unless you agree to pay expand your reach.

Marketers need to think about where they have the best liklihood to reach – and interact with – their key audiences. If Facebook is only allowing you to reach 10% (or less) of your audience with updates, maybe other social media platforms are appealing. Maybe you look at the old stand-by (email), which, when done well, can achieve open rates of 30-40 percent. Or maybe now is the time to finally explore mobile marketing – where open rates for SMS text messages are close to 99 percent.

Published January 27, 2014 by David Kaufer.
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