Excerpt: The Social Media Tune-Up

Have you checked out the “Brain Food” section on the Kaufer DMC website yet? We have tons of free eBooks for you to download to help you become an expert in social media, inbound marketing and much more. Below is an excerpt from our latest eBook, The Social Media Tune-Up: A 3 Step Process to Effective Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Account Management. 

If you are interested in downloading the FREE eBook, click here!  Below, we explain how to set up your Twitter page and use it the most effectively.

Setting Up Your Twitter Page

Twitter is a much different atmosphere than Facebook, but it has proven to be one of the most effective portals for businesses to interact with their customers. Twitter is more of a hub where consumers gather to learn more about products and services, to share status updates, and to get a feel for what is going on in the world.

Twitter is a pivotal component to an
effective social media marketing
strategy because it will allow you to ‘Tweet’ about the latest promotions in your busi- ness, any relevant and useful content that you want to share, and even exciting news about your business that others will find interesting.

Key Concepts and Statistics

  • Your Twitter handle can be used to promote your brand (and ideally should include your brand in it).
  • You will need to create a compelling Twitter bio to attract followers. Studies show that people with a bio have 6 times as many followers as those that do not.9
  • When creating your bio and tweets, use non-diminutive words like “expert” or “experienced” that will help you establish credibility as an authority in your niche. Showing your expertise is one of the best ways to promote a more professional image for your business.
  • People who use these kinds of words for their job description average 100
more followers than those people that use business jargon for job description.9
  • You can also create a page that lists all of the Twitter handles for every employee at
your company so that followers can connect with others in your organization.
  • Those who put links to their blog, company website, and other social networks on
their twitter have 6x more followers than those that don’t. 9

Conclusions on Setting up a Twitter Page

Setting up your Twitter is a very simple process, and if you take the necessary steps to give your Twitter page a professional bio and an effective handle you will generate many more leads and followers on Twitter.

Setting up your page is the first step in the process, but as with Facebook, it isn’t the last. Twitter poses a new dynamic for you to explore, and with just a few hours a week, you can effectively manage your Twitter profile so that you are continuously generating new followers and more interest in your brand and your business.

Twitter creates a more personable, comfortable relationship between yourself and your clients, which in turn can help you find new customers and strengthen the relationship that you have with your existing customers.

Published February 27, 2013 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Facebook, LinkedIn, Social Media, Twitter