Does Everyone Else Hate These Facebook Changes As Much As We Do?

When you see “Facebook changes” in a headline – does it immediately initiate a face palm?

We don’t blame you. Especially if you represent a nonprofit or a brand that has a smaller budget, your opportunity for “organic reach” (which is a fancy term for unpaid ads) is becoming few and far between.

We get the idea of promoting “high quality” “news” – but come on now, Mr. Zuckerberg. Cut us some slack? The good news is that in marketing, we’re used to these constant changes. It’s time to look elsewhere for traffic beyond Facebook. Think Instagram. Blogging (cough *inbound marketing* cough). Mobile. Are the ideas flowing?

A recent report from Ignite confirms that brand pages have suffered a 44% decline in exposure in the last nine days alone.

How’s that “tinkering with our revenue streams” experiment going, Mark? Let’s take a dive into the big blue rabbit hole…

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Published December 11, 2013 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Facebook, Social Media