Dior takes long route to Instagram after a month of posts

Luxury brand Dior was more than fashionably late to the Instagram party. Only a month after launching their Instagram account did they formally announce it across their already well-established social media platforms. What initially seemed like a mistake was actually a calculated decision. It may not work for every brand, but it worked for Dior.

The luxury brand took their time to generate content, publicize hashtags and show exclusive images and videos. It ensured that “active [Instagram] users found them first” and “only true Instagram fans were first through the velvet ropes.”

The lesson we can all take from this (even if your brand isn’t selling $10,000 dresses)? Don’t rush to create content or push people towards a new platform. For example, did your brand just sign up for Pinterest? Great. But why don’t you wait a week or so to create boards, follower others, repin images, etc. before announcing it to your Facebook fans? Dior could have gone pic-crazy and uploaded 100 images in 24 hours – but they didn’t. They were authentic in the Instagram process, which is what that community is all about.

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Image: Instagram post from Dior

Published January 8, 2014 by David Kaufer.
Categories: Instagram, Social Media