Brands Are Already Using Instagram Videos and Planning for More

If you’ve been watching Instagram today, you’ve noticed how the video capability has taken off. Fast. Friends are playing around with the new feature and some companies are already using it. Does this mean the end for Vine? It’s definitely been used more actively on day 1 than Vine did on its opening day, but only time will tell. 

Now that Facebook has officially trotted out a video feature for the increasingly popular Instagram—which was formerly limited to helping smartphone users act like stylistic photographers—social media creatives are licking their chops at the marketing possibities. “It was wise to make them 15 seconds , because it allows for more engagement than the six seconds you get with Twitter Vine,” said Michael Kelly, Red Vines’ social media lead. “It allows you to tell stories…


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Published June 20, 2013 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Instagram, Social Media