Branded Short Links Benefits: Enhance Trust And Your Social Media Marketing

The internet has become a scary place. There are millions of fraudulent attack sites that hijack browsers, infest computers with viruses, steal email accounts, and much worse. One way these attackers can get to the denizens of the internet is through short links. These links shorten real URLs (the address at the top of your browser) and transform suspicious sites like into a link that reads s3faD.98/qrXc3d.

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One way your company can build trust with customers is having a branded link shortening domain from ICANN. This domain is exclusive to your company and is a way for consumers to know that the link they’re clicking can be trusted. That trust translates into more clicks as one study done by Bitly discovered.

Another advantage to branded links is that they’re pronounceable. While a seemingly trivial detail, ugly, hard to say links are shared less than ones that are. The reason should be obvious to anyone who’s looked at a blackboard of math equations or a webpage in a foreign language. Our brains gloss over what we don’t understand. A branded link allows your customers to see meaning in the link and then share it with all of their friends.

Custom short links are one part of a social media marketing strategy that is worth considering. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to use one, has put together even more reasons why you should be using a branded short link domain for your social media marketing. Give it a look.

Published August 26, 2016 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Social Media Marketing