Boost Your Healthcare Marketing With Social Media Marketing

If you work in healthcare, social media can be a great way to generate inbound leads. When healthcare professionals use social media correctly, new doors are opened to current and potential patients and partners. Many individuals are already using social media; why not make their online habits work for you?

Know Your Platform

Despite the free access to most social media sites (not to mention their popularity), each has its own set of accepted rules and behavioral norms. Before a social media campaign is launched, it’s smart to do some research first rather than diving in blindly. Using incorrect etiquette will alienate your potential followers, rather than inspire them. You should also research where your market is most likely to be active, and focus efforts there. Being aware of the social media climate is a key aspect of lead generation.

You also should understand the strengths of various platforms. For example, LinkedIn is the perfect place to list the history of a company in a professional manner, whereas Twitter is more conducive to quick blurbs and special offers. For sites which allow more detailed profile information, like Facebook or Google+, use the space accordingly; making use of the free resources on these sites allows your potential clients to research your company as thoroughly as they like. Once they are confident of the healthcare services being offered, lead conversion follows quickly.

Provide Engaging Content

Internet users are interested in one thing: new. In order to generate more inbound traffic, you must continue producing unique and interesting content. This can be in the form of informal blog posts, multimedia content, or even sharing fun content from other sites with your followers. Traffic will not become leads unless the readers are truly engaged with your site, and this means delivering targeted content.

Call Your Readers to Action

The most effective lead generation for healthcare in social media comes from sharing. Make sure there is a call to action on your site which invites visitors to share your content across different social platforms with just one click. When sharing targeted content such as special offers or registration info, link directly to the landing page of that content, not to your homepage. The easier you make it for readers to share your content and participate in your offers, the more likely they are to do so. As traffic to your site increases, so will your inbound leads.

Track Your Efforts

Finally, keep track of where you’re putting your efforts and analyze the data carefully. By studying your traffic sources, you’ll be able to see where your hard work is paying off (and where it’s not performing as well). The social media platforms that generate higher quality leads should be invested in more heavily. Alternatively, you may find that different audiences respond to different offers and adjust your tactics accordingly. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new angles; you never know what unexpected method might make a big splash.

Lead generation is an integral part of sustaining any business, and healthcare is no exception. The variety of social media platforms makes it easier than ever to interact with patients and potentially generate new inbound leads, with little to no upfront capital investment. Introducing your healthcare practice to social media can breathe new life into your marketing and, when done properly, provide a real boost to your inbound lead generation.

Published March 17, 2017.
Categories: Healthcare Marketing, Social Media