Benefits of using Videos as your Marketing Strategy

With the world becoming technologically advanced every single day, video marketing plays a significant role in deciding the fate of the new as well as established companies. Videos are being extensively used by many companies to promote their products and services to establish themselves as brands.


According to a report,  60 percent of the marketers include videos in their  marketing strategies. About 91 percent of organizations that are heavily depending on content and video marketing has become successful in the past decade. When the ROI of a company is considered, video marketing helps an organization to boost it up by about 88 percent.


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The above data proves how video marketing can be useful and beneficial for you. If you are running an organization, you can use the mediums of video marketing to dominate the market efficiently. Also, it helps you in reaching a wider range of consumers who are spread across different parts of the world.


Most of the content marketers use the methods of video marketing to drive traffic to their website. According to a report, the overall video traffic is 80 percent more than the consumer traffic.  

Here are some of the best benefits of including video marketing techniques in your company’s marketing strategy for the upcoming year:


  • Gain the attention of the consumers:


Video content grabs the attention of the audience more quickly as compared to the other types of content. 


With the world becoming more competitive and busy, people don’t have enough time to go through your site’s content. If you have a video that includes all the beneficial information, they tend to connect to your ideas quickly.


Consumers dedicate their valuable time to watch your videos. Therefore, it becomes crucial for you to make your video more captivating and rich in content. The higher the video quality rises, the chances of attracting the eyes of the consumers also go high.


  • Service demonstrations become easier:

Consumers love to buy products and services from a company that has a high-quality promotional video on their site. About 98 percent of consumers immediately decide to buy products if they like the promotional video of a company.


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According to a report, about 45 percent of companies and businesses opt for explainer video marketing to promote their products and services worldwide. 


When you use an explainer video, you can explain about products and services briefly. As you will have to speak a lot in the video, you can give a demo to your audience who can connect better with you by seeing the video instead of reading the texts.

What you need to keep in mind is that you will have to ensure that your video is more refreshing and engaging. Along with this, you will also have to make it informative so that you can describe the right features and specifications of the products or services.


  • Optimization

If you don’t know how many readers have read your recent blog posts, then you might end up losing your grip in the market. However, when it comes to text-based promotional content, it’s challenging for you to measure the counts of how many people have visited it.


With video content, it becomes easier for you to keep a count of click-through rates and how many people have watched your video. You can also find out how long they have watched the video and where they have stopped.


Having all the right information and sharing it with your audience will help you in coming up with compelling video content on your website in the future.


  • Improved Conversion Rates:

As most of the people decide to buy products and services by watching the promotional videos that you have posted, the conversion rates go significantly higher for your company.

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When you are explaining everything in the video, the conversion rates increase significantly. If you are uploading a compelling video, it influences the behavioral pattern of the buyers and can persuade them to buy products from your company. This means that uploading a quality video will help you in converting them into leads easily.


As you will be presenting yourself in the video, you can easily convey the right message to your audience by delivering the right emotions. It becomes a powerful tool for you to sell your products and services efficiently to your audience.


  • Helps you in getting ranks in the google search engines:

If you want to get the maximum organic traffic through the search engines, you must ensure that your websites are getting better ranks in the search results. To do so, you must understand that search engines look for engaging content to rank your website higher in the search results page.


To increase your visibility in the market, you must make use of platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.. To create these videos, you can collaborate with a video editing company that can help you in creating a useful video.


You can promote the videos that you create on social media platforms to gain more viewers and drive traffic to your website. This will help you in boosting your visibility of the site and get better ranks in search engines.


  • Video can help you in building trust, credibility, and authenticity:

Companies are now shifting their focus to create informative and high-quality videos to convince consumers. Videos are becoming a popular way to build trust and create a reputation in the market. It enables businesses to communicate with the audience directly and earn their faith.


About 90 percent of the consumers watch the product videos to decide if they want to buy the products or not. You should upload high-quality videos on your website, helping the audience to know the features and specifications of the products by educating them. This will help them understand how they can be benefitted by opting for your products or services.


  • Social shares get encouraged by videos:

If you want to ensure that your videos go viral in social media, then you must create the best video possible. However, how you can earn the trust of the audience in social media?


About 92 percent of social media users tend to share videos with their families and friends if they like it. So, it becomes essential for you to make the videos more engaging and fun so you can garner more likes and shares on social media platforms.


Final Words

Many benefits can be listed when it comes to opting for video marketing techniques. With the scope in this industry rising every day, you cannot limit yourself by uploading videos of similar content. Always try to come up with unique and exciting concepts to keep your audience engaged and entertained. You must create a compelling video and become a brand in the market.


Published January 16, 2020.
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