Are You Using SMS for Customer Loyalty Programs?

Businesses across the country are using loyalty programs to increase sales from returning customers. Is there better way for a business to say thank you than by offering a discount or exclusive sale to its most valuable customers in a convenient email? Actually, there is, and most businesses don’t even realize it.

The medium of communication is important to consumers. In a survey by 3Cinteractive, 48% of consumers reported that they prefer to receive loyalty program offers via SMS. This is twice as many as who prefer email (22%) or mobile app notifications (20%). However, the same survey found that only 21% of markers are using it.

We all know of someone who never checks their email or has a voicemail box so full you can’t leave a new message. Why would you send your brand’s valuable offers to places where your best customers will never see it? Simply adopting SMS technology into your brand’s loyalty program is a great way to raise sales without acquiring a new customer.

Published August 25, 2016 by Luke Severn.
Categories: SMS Marketing