American Top 40 Marketing Blogs To Follow (21-40)

Blogs are an amazing marketing tool, so it’s no wonder that many of them are about the subject of, well, marketing. While there’s a wealth of information for the self-taught marketer and entrepreneur, you can waste a lot of time sussing out the good from the bad. So we went ahead and wasted our time and did the sussing for you!

Close your eyes, imagine the iconic voice of Casey Casum doing his Top 40 Countdown, open your eyes and start reading our list of the Top 40 Marketing Blogs to follow.

40. The Ranch. Originally started as a student and Jr. Marketing resource/open forum for the University of Texas Department of Advertising (“a place for Texas Creatives”) this site has a current, youthful voice and perspective.

39. Sazbean. A user-friendly blog for those who need a jump-start on their social media strategies, or are newbies to technological marketing.

38. Marketing Easy

37. Hard Knox Life 

36. Design Observer (Previously “Murketer”). Rather than wow you with amazing tips on how to market, the Design Observer predominantly offers observations about marketing. This macroscopic view of advertising provides valuable insights.

35. Marketing Practice

34. Keeping It Simple (Previously Shoestring Branding). Is there ever a time when keeping it simple doesn’t work? Rarely. If you are beginning to feel a little overwhelmed by this constantly evolving field we’re in, Keeping it Simple can re-focus your sights.

33. Guerrilla Marketing Defined. Not a fan of what everyone else is doing? Then you’ll love this perspective on non-traditional marketing strategies that work – and some that didn’t. This is an especially beneficial blog for those who are focused on marketing their products to Gen Yers and those who will follow.

32. B2B Marketing Blog. So much of marketing focuses on the producer/consumer relationship. However, B2B marketing is a unique niche that has largely been ignored in the social media world – until recently. B2B Marketing Blog is designed to help B2B marketing strategists create their own niche in the digital marketing world.

31. Emergence Marketing

30. Customer Experience Crossroads. This blog takes on the customer perspective, which is such an integral part of building your customer profile(s) to intuit effective strategies that will hook them. Need your team to get into the minds of the customer? Spending a little time at the Customer Experience Crossroads will do just that.

29. Women on Business. In addition to providing valuable information to women in business, this blog hopes to promote communication and relationship between powerful business leaders – both female and male. Women on Business also provides multiple educational resources for women in business, or those who hope to begin their own Solopreneur opportunity in the future.

28. Marketers Studio

27. Very Official Blog

26. The Clip Report

25. The Lonely Marketer. It can get frustrating if you are a small business and/or are the only person who understands the word “marketing” in your home office. The bulk of the marketing advice seems structured for a corporate world. Marketing team? Ha! You wish. The Lonely Marketer is written especially for you and will help you get a grip on how to become a powerful marketing wizard for your business with the right know-how.

24. Media Orchard

23. The Bad Pitch Blog

22. SEO Blog

21. Branding & Marketing. We’ll leave you with this gem. Branding is a key element of marketing but it can pose a major challenge for small/new businesses who haven’t yet figured out their “Brand” or how to market it.

Check back for the rest of our American Top 40 Marketing Tips to Follow. In the meantime, begin bookmarking your favorites and glean the best free marketing tips the world has to offer. And let us know if there are any blogs we may have missed.

Published March 14, 2013 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Blogging, Inbound Marketing