8 Helpful Hints for Writing an Online Business Profile

Businesses have a myriad of opportunities to publicize themselves through online directories such as Google Plus, LinkedIn or even Facebook. If you belong to a professional association or group you may also have an opportunity to feature your business in their directory.

The best business (or company) profiles contain a concise description of your business that is designed to capture the attention of potential customers. A well-written profile will provide all the necessary information about your business while reflecting your brand’s identity.

1. Identify your target audience. Before you even begin writing, you need to determine the intended audience. Who are you trying to attract to your business? What do you want them to think and know about you?

2. Make a statement. The first sentence of the profile will determine if the customer continues reading or not. It needs to provide a clear overview of who you are and what you have to offer. Highlight key points that distinguish you from the competition, such as years of experience and areas of specialized expertise.

3. Don’t be scared to use first or second person! Using entirely third person can come across as cold. Try combining first and third person to set an approachable tone. For example “At Kaufer DMC [third person], we [first person] do A and B. We can also help with C and D.” If you are an individual, it’s OK to refer to yourself as “I” and not your full name.

4. Keep tone in mind, but add some personality. People outside of the industry should be able to easily decipher the information in your profile. Use layman’s terms rather than technical jargon. Add something that shares a bit of who you are! Showing personality helps people trust and remember you. Remember to include quotes and/or testimonials from your established clients.

5. Edit and re-edit. Information about your business should be presented in a manner that is both attractive and professional. Read the profiles from your competitors and get your friends to proof read it. You may have to slightly edit your profile depending on the site and its audience.

6. Remember the essentials. Include up-to-date contact information such as your website URL, phone number, person of contact, photo or logo, physical location and email address. Don’t forget your social media links! Make sure your profile includes keywords related to the industry that someone may be searching for on the Internet.

7. Get a pro. A writerthat specializes in marketing, SEO and is familiar with the current trends in social media will be able to make sure your business gets found. Remember this is an investment into your business future! A business profile can also be used on social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn, so you can get additional mileage out of the final product.

8. Use photos and images! Pictures of your business, location, staff members or products help potential customers and clients put a face to your company name. Most directories now allow you to upload and showcase multiple photos – take advantage of this feature. And don’t feel like all photos have to be professional shots – you can produce high-quality images on your own with the proper amount of preparation.


Original profile:

Are you looking for a small quite place to enjoy your horse and have fun without the drama of a large facility? I only have a few stalls left & a few pasture spots left! Experienced equestrian owners that live onsite Our rates can’t be beat for the location! All stalls are cleaned daily and bedded with rubber mats under our cedar shavings for added comfort All horses are hand walked in and out morning and evening Daily blanket removal/replacement included in our Stall Board includes hay and grain twice daily Insulated indoor arena, Large tack room and wash stall with ties Referral Program for boarders Come and enjoy our mature relaxed stables, our current boarders have been with us from the start Training and lessons available with our trainer onsite Much, much more.

After using these 7 tips:

At Health Creek Stables, we provide a quiet place for your horse to train or reside without the drama of a large facility. Our experienced equestrians reside on-site for your convenience and are available for training and lessons. Every stall is cleaning daily and bedded with rubber mats under cedar shavings for added comfort. All horses are walked in and out both morning and evening. Board includes daily blanket removal/replacement and hay and grain twice daily. Feel free to use our insulated indoor arena, large tack room and wash stall with ties!

Although it may appear to be a trivial tactic, creating compelling company profiles has a real impact on the perception you create for potential customers. Make sure you take advantage of these free opportunities for visibility by putting time and thought into your online business profiles.


Published July 25, 2014 by Luke Severn.
Categories: B2B Marketing, Digital Marketing