7 Things About Mobile Marketing Your Boss Wants To Know

We’re never going to advocate sucking up to the boss, but it doesn’t hurt to be indispensable, right? What better way to do that than to be the one that implements the tricks your boss wants to know in order to bring in more leads and sales (aka “make more money”)?

Mobile marketing is where its at these days and we’re going to tell you 7 things your boss wants to know to capitalize on the mobile and inbound marketing movement.

7 Things Your Boss Wants to Know About Mobile Marketing

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  1. You’ll die without it. No joke! Not investing in mobile marketing technology is the equivalent of hanging up the old time shingle. Almost 100% of Americans own either/and a smartphone, eReader, or tablet. In other words, they are mobile and they access the Internet via mobile devices. If you aren’t meeting them on the go, they’re not finding you.
    Don’t want to take our word for it? The business gurus at Forbes agree that business marketers should care about mobile technology. Why? Because it’s the closest you can get to your customers; how else would you be able to infiltrate their back pockets, nightstands, and end tables? Also, consumers always like “the next best thing.” By staying abreast of what’s hot in mobile and social media (which is almost entirely done via mobile devices now), you will be able to tap your customers first.
  2. Assessment is key. You must build it before they will come, look before you leap, and not put the cart before the horse. Get it? If your company “goes mobile” before you’re ready, you’ll end up with a bunch of web content that looks terrible, is difficult for customers to navigate, and causes readers to move to the next search engine results to find what they need. Let your boss know that investing in mobile technology to create a mobile-friendly website is more than worthwhile, it ensures your prospective and current customers arrive and say, “Aaaah!” and not, “Eeeew!”
  3. Keep apps simple. If your company uses apps, keep them simple so they load quickly. They should be specifically task-oriented so they are easy to use. Experts recommend using “Tap to explore” or “Download Now” CTAs that include the Apple Store or Google Play logos.
  4. You must be Facebook-friendly. Consider this: 91% of local searchers say they use Facebook to find local businesses, and 71% of social media participants say they are more likely to use products and services offered by brands they follow online. That’s a little heart stopping isn’t it? Especially if you haven’t been as Johnny-on-the-Spot with your updates and postings. Have your staff check out your company’s Facebook page on their mobile devices. How is it looking? Facebook has amazing marketing potential but if customers can’t easily navigate your page, they aren’t going to stick around. Be searchable, navigable, relevant, and up-to-date to attract your mobile Facebook friends.
  5. Make new friends and keep the old. Have you ever pondered the strange fact that mobile devices have blown our ideas around privacy wide-open and yet there still aren’t mobile phone directories? Even though our mobile phones connect us to the kid that sat behind us in third grade, we still consider it a very personal and private object. Your company can put this sense of “the personal” to good use by becoming an insider. Use SMS messaging with personalized greetings in a timely way and you will feel like a friend they want to keep in touch with. Use your email marketing to find out what your specific subscribers are interested in, or want to learn more about, and then deliver on their requests.
  6. Mobile marketing is a living thing. If your boss isn’t as tech-savvy as you are, there’s a chance s/he views mobile marketing as an extension of the desktop or laptop computer. It’s not. In order to optimize your mobile marketing strategies, they have to be conceived, grown, and nurtured on their own. Mobile devices are just that – mobile; they are in motion and offer opportunities for users that their desktops and laptops can’t. Think videos on the go, QR code scanning, location tracking, etc.
  7. Invest in the tests. The success of your company’s mobile marketing is directly dependent on your ability to set goals, benchmark, experiment, and quantify the results. Testing must be done on both macro- and micro-levels, evaluating everything from what types of images garner the most clicks to what color schemes keep your users navigating your pages the longest. Sometimes it’s the simplest tweaks and adjustments that make the most noticeable differences in response.

So, go on now! Let your boss in on these 7 mobile marketing tips and move your company forward into the next generation of inbound marketing strategies.

Published February 13, 2014 by David Kaufer.
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