7 Social Media Tools and Platforms to Watch in Healthcare Marketing

Social media is hard to keep up with. Just look at Instagram; one minute it was a new kid on the block and next thing we knew it had more than 1 million users. So, where are you positioned on the healthcare social media spectrum? Are you even on board?

Don’t neglect the power of social media when it comes to connecting with patients and prospective clients. It’s great that your using Facebook and Twitter, and hopefully Pinterest, but make sure you’re staying on top of the social media revolution.

Need a little help getting familiar with the latest and greatest healthcare social media tools and platforms? Here are 7 you will want to keep your eye on.

  1. For your eyes only. HootSuite is a tool that allows organizations, companies, and teams can communicate – and collaborate – in real time on the same page. No more endless email chains. Your company’s head in Seattle can work with the sales reps working in Tokyo. The idea is that social media has streamlined our personal lives, so it might as well streamline our professional lives as well.
  2. Exclusivity at its finest. Does the Facebook network seem too big to manage? Maybe it’s time to create your exclusive Medium guest list. This social media site is invite only, and prides itself on promoting higher-quality content. What a great way for your healthcare social media presence to create a higher-caliber network of friends and followers.
  3. Thumbs up or down? Thumb Pro for businesses is a way to get instant feedback from a diverse network of followers. You’ll benefit twice: you get immediate input on ideas, which can help you to make better decisions as you grow your business, and your clients will feel more connected and engaged in the meantime, helping to cultivate their loyalty.
  4. Pheed. This is one of the newest social media networks out there, about to celebrate its 1st birthday in October. Pheed is predominantly used by celebrities, musicians, and people of that ilk, and users have to pay a subscription fee to access the photos, broadcasts, and postings. That begin said, getting in on the action early can help to solidify your presence. Consider the types of information your patients may be willing to pay a small fee for, and then develop creative content around that.
  5. Show me the Chirps. Chirpify is the one-click-payment wonder, designed to work across multiple social media channels. It allows people to pay for goods and services or make donations, simply by replying with the word, “Buy.” So, launching a new line of nutritional supplements? Putting together an amazing physical therapy discount package? Use Chirpify so clients can buy it instantly; 5% of the payment goes to Chirpify, but you’ll profit from impulsive social media followers.
  6. Automatic photo theme-ing. That’s right, we said, “theme-ing,” not streaming. With Flayvr, your photos of guest speakers, health fair events, or recent hires to your staff will be automatically organized into interactive collections. Then, a simple tap is all you need to post them to your website, social media networks, or an email.
  7. Instant sharing with the masses. Ever wish you could send a single message to everyone in the room? Perhaps the doctor is running 10 minutes late, or you want to send a message reminding patients that co-pays are cash or credit card only. Use Chirp. Chirp emits a high-pitched sound. Then, any phones within range automatically begin downloading your message, photo, or links to your website. Pretty amazing.


Which of these healthcare social media tools do you think will be The Next Best Thing? We’d love to hear what you think.

Published September 19, 2013 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Healthcare Marketing, Social Media