6 Tips To Market Your Orthopedic Surgery Practice

There’s never been a better time to re-vamp your orthopedic surgery marketing practices. Use this period before the holiday madness begins to start creating marketing goals for next year. Why? Because in 2014, more Americans than ever before will have the health insurance they need to pursue the medical treatments your practice offers. Healthcare marketing in 2014 requires branding, mobile savvy, and a social media marketing finesse that will keep your followers stimulated, and lead prospects to your landing pages faster than you can set casts on a broken bone. 

Here are 6 tips you can use to get your orthopedic surgery marketing off to a good start next year.

  1. Keep on blogging. True, mobile gadgets have diverted some of our digital marketing attention to shorter, catchier marketing tools (more on that in #3). However, web content still matters. High-quality and informative blog content is the key to being seen as an authority in your field. Your regular, engaging, and educational blogs will help to garner the inbound leads you need to boost your search engine rankings. Now that Google is encrypting keyword search information, it will get increasingly harder to know the specific terms people are using to find you. That’s why it’s so important to create genuine content that people want to read.
  2. What’s your brand? Corporate healthcare companies spend more money every year on their branding budgets. You want to know why? Because research shows that branded companies fare better commercially than un-branded companies. Consumers want to feel connected with the entities they do business with. They want to establish a relationship. This is especially true for the healthcare field because nobody (outside of our families, of course) is supposed to take better care of us than our doctors. Your brand is a powerful way to build the recognition and familiarity your practice needs to keep growing. Make sure your staff and marketing team are on the same page and know what your brand is all about.
  3. Be 100% mobile compatible. The world continues to become increasingly mobile. The majority of American adults own smartphones and/or some other type of mobile technology. These are often their primary portal to the word wide web. If your site isn’t set up to be mobile compatible, you will want to take care of that ASAP. Also, have everyone in the office access your site from their own gadgets. Do your pages load quickly? A slow loading page will cause prospective patients to bounce on down to the next link in the results Plus, Google actually factors website speed into search engine rankings.
  4. Up your social media ante. While inbound links and search engine optimization are still critical components of successful orthopedic surgery marketing, social media continues to gain relevance. Search engines are always changing their algorithms and these days, likes, shares, comments, and +1s are getting a bigger slice of the pie. The theory is that if people like you enough to take the time to like and share your stuff, you must be pretty good at what you do. Be visible and active on social media outlets so you get your fair share of the pie. Are you tweeting? Many doctors have created quite a following this way. Don’t neglect social media tools like Tumblr or Pinterest, that may not seem relevant at first. Learn about them or hire a digital marketing team to help you leverage the value of social media.
  5. Increase your location-based marketing. Geo-specific marketing used to be important because of best SEO practices. This is still a good reason to use it but an even better reason is GPS technology. Now that almost every digital device has GPS intelligence, search engines spew their results by both your keyword search terms as well as your physical location. If you want to be found by the people in your area, it’s important that you include location-based terms in your content.
  6. Use visuals as much as possible. Most of the time, visuals capture a viewer’s attention before text. In fact, visual content is the most likely to be shared, liked, or +1d. You can use real pictures, infographics, charts and graphs about amazing health statistics – anything to get a prospective client to sit up and take note. FYI: While visuals are important, most comments are left in response to text-only or image+text content, so make sure your orthopedic surgery marketing uses a healthy balance.

At the end of the day, or year, orthopedic surgery marketing is about sharing your knowledge and expertise with the world, and packaging it all in a way that allows prospective clients to see for themselves why you are the most trusted specialist in your field. These six marketing tips will help you to do just that, and capitalize on what you do best, taking care of people.

Published December 3, 2013 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Healthcare Marketing