6 Strategies to Stay On Top of Continuing SEO Changes

Source: jarmoluk at pixabay.com

SEO changes as often as Google’s algorithm. Annoying strategies like “keyword spamming” used to be the surefire way to rank high in search engine results page. But they are now a one-way ticket to obscurity. There’s no way that a single marketer could ever experiment enough to figure out each new algorithm before it changes yet again.

That’s why you need to stay abreast of the latest in SEO, but how? There’s no major in college for SEO and even if there were, it’d be obsolete before you completed your four-year degree. Searching for random topics on SEO is inefficient. There’s enough hearsay and rumor about the intricacies of Google’s algorithm to mistake it for black magic.

There’s a way to learn about SEO without cracking open a grimoire – outsource it. The collective brainpower of the Internet is capable of parsing through the deluge of content to find the best gems for what is and isn’t working in SEO. Anne Crowe at SearchEngineJournal.com outlined 6 different tactics to stay on top of SEO by monitoring experts. They include:

  • Email Newsletters
  • Communities
  • Bookmark Content
  • Content Platforms
  • Social Media
  • Alerts

Initially, this requires you to sign up for emails, newsletters, and communities, but once that set up is complete, the latest news will come to you. This frees your mental bandwidth from searching information to use information. If you’d like to learn more about Anne’s strategies, click here.


Published September 19, 2016 by Luke Severn.
Categories: SEO