5 Twitter Marketing Tips You Might Have Not Considered

Think you’re a Twitter expert? Think again.

There are a lot of ways businesses are utilizing twitter to engage their customers and create new ones. A lot of companies and individuals are assuming they’re using Twitter effectively, and they may very well be doing so. However, there are a lot of Twitter marketing tactics that you or your company may have not considered, but that can make your Twitter campaigns even more profitable.

In this article, we’ll highlight 5 Twitter marketing tips you might have not considered.

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1. Don’t Tweet Article Headlines

This one might seem obvious, but many marketers (myself included) make the mistake of simply copying and pasting an article headline, along with a link, in their tweets. Inevitably, this practice is lazy and can be unengaging.

Instead, try finding a more interesting snap-shot of the overall theme of the article, or an engaging quote if one is available. It’s better to provide a little analysis of the article rather than simply posting the headline. You can also ask a question that the article might answer. By doing this, you can also tweet out the same article in multiple ways, ultimately inviting more viewers to your content.

2. Don’t Just Tweet Images, Tweet Custom Images

This might seem a bit time-consuming for some, but providing not only an image, but a customized image, can increase the intrigue of your tweets. It’s generally agreed upon that tweeting images instead of simply text and links increases engagement, but what about an image that’s customized for your content and audience? That can be a real winner.

If you know how to use photoshop at all, you can create these custom images pretty quickly. If you don’t know how to use photoshop, now is the time to learn! Photoshop is an awesome application that you can use for many different visual purposes, so having the skills and knowledge to utilize the application for not only custom images on Twitter, but other visual projects as well, is a win win for you and your company. You’ll end up enhancing your marketing skills and your engagement on Twitter in one fellow swoop.

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3. Use Your Business’s Twitter Account as a Way to Connect to your Stakeholders on Personal Level

As Mojave says: people don’t talk to brands, they talk to people.

I always try to remind myself that at the end of the day, a business is at it’s core, made up of people. And when engaging with a brand or a company, most people want to talk to a real person. It’s why when calling a customer support line, people expect to speak to a real human on the other end of the phone, and not simply an automated system.

Twitter is relatively the same. Most Twitter users understand that behind a companies’ Twitter account is a person, or group of people. Because of this, Twitter posts and updates should be personable and human. Some companies will even make it clear that a specific person is behind their tweets, and will provide an email address and name for those interested in contacting the person directly.

4. Keep Most Tweets Short and Sweet

There’s a good reason why tweets have a 140 character limit. Human’s, and especially those online, tend to have shorter attention spans and expect quick, short, and to-the-point news and updates. While you’re going to want to be the judge of how long a tweet should be depending on your content and audience, Buddy Media revealed that Tweets shorter than 100 characters get a 17% higher engagement rate.

5. Use Your Companies’ Keywords in Your Tweets

Is your company involved in a very specific business sector? Does your company have a niche audience and customers? What types of specific products or services does your company provide? All of these questions should be considered when you’re sending out tweets, as it’s often a good idea to use keywords related to your business in your Twitter updates. Sit down and write out a list of keywords that relate to your business, and reference that list in the future when constructing tweets.

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Written by Luke Severn

Luke is a marketing coordinator at Kaufer DMC. He loves the Arctic Monkeys, David Fincher movies, and the Portland Trail Blazers.


Published October 8, 2014 by Luke Severn.
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