5 Things That Make Your SEO Life Harder

Source: geralt at pixabay.com

There’s a lot written about what will help your site rank higher on Google’s search results page. Each article has rules to follow based on the latest trends in SEO and what people think Google has done with their algorithm, but have you ever stopped to consider what SEO really is?

Search Engine Optimization makes your content easier to understand for machines. It’s simultaneously strange and amazing that an entire industry is devoted to discovering how to write for non-human, non-living entities the best. At one point, so many misguided marketers forgot about the humans who also read their content that Google changed its algorithm to punish machine-focused strategies.

That’s why a proper SEO strategy is one that grabs the attention of the machines curating the Internet and presents an incredible experience for the intended human audience. There are right and wrong ways to wave down the bots and net crawlers trying to make sense of everything out there.

Aaron Aigus at Entrepreneur.com recently wrote about 5 things not to do in SEO. These are surefire ways to earn the ire of search engines like a bad pickup line. You should see if you’re committing these SEO sins.

Published September 15, 2016 by Luke Severn.
Categories: SEO