5 Reasons You Should Be Paying Attention To Your Online Reputation

At Kaufer DMC, we’ve really embraced the role that online reputation plays in a business’s success. That’s why we’ve recently added reputation management to our line of services. We’ve also blogged about how important online reviews are, as well as how moderating your business is a great way to manage your online reputation. Now, here are five key reasons you should be paying attention to your business’s online reputation:

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1. Consumers Read Reviews

With the plethora of online review sites at an individual’s disposal, along with the increased amount of competition in many industries, consumers now have more power than ever, and they’re using it. According to Brightlocal 39% of consumers read reviews on a regular basis (compared to just 32% in 2013) Only 12% do not read reviews (compared to just 15% in 2013) and 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

2. You’re Potentially Losing Sales

If consumers are reading online reviews, then they’re definitely reading the negative ones. If you’re not paying close attention to your online reputation, you could be overlooking these negative reviews, which in turn can lead to consumers overlooking your business. And if consumers are overlooking your business, you’re losing sales, plain and simple.

3. Your Online Rep Affects SEO

If your business receives online reviews, whenever someone searches for you online, review services are going to appear on the first page of the search engine. And typically, the highest rated businesses are the first to appear. If you’re not paying attention to your online reputation, and you’re not a highly rated business, you’re losing visibility.

4. You Can Do Damage Control

By paying attention to your online reputation and those negative reviews that all businesses are bound to receive, you can then do damage control. For instance, if you own a hotel and a guest wasn’t satisfied with the customer service or room and ended up writing a negative review about you on yelp, you can reach out to that person either privately or publicly (depending on the means of communication) and potentially resolve the situation. This may lead to the guest rescinding or editing their review, which can increase the public perception of your business.

5. You Can Fix the Underlying Issues

If your business is constantly being slammed online for the same problem, and you’re not paying attention to your online reputation, you may not even know about the problem. How are you supposed to fix an issue you’re not aware of? Reading your business’s reviews, whether positive or negative, will help you get a sense of what you’re doing well and what you need to improve on.

Written by Luke Severn

Luke is a marketing coordinator at Kaufer DMC. He loves the Arctic Monkeys, David Fincher movies, and the Portland Trail Blazers.

Published July 15, 2014 by Luke Severn.
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