5 Marketing Steps To Increase Your Bariatric Surgery Center Leads in 2014

Your bariatric surgery center marketing strategy should look at bit like a Venn diagram. There will be elements that are universal to every company who uses digital marketing, and those isolated areas that are unique to you and your personal brand. First, there are the marketing steps that every company needs to adhere to: having a website, blogging often, creating amazing content, and getting hip to the impacts of social media.

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Then there are the steps that are more specific, or slightly tweaked, in order to attract your unique site visitors and prospective leads. It is this particular area where your bariatric center marketing team should pay close attention in an effort to increase your leads in 2014.

We are going to assume that you already have the basic, shared steps in place. These five tips will help to take your lead generation and conversion to the next level.

  1. Be 100% Mobile Compatible. Realistically, you should have already jumped on the mobile compatible train by now. If you haven’t, make sure to do so before (or during) 2014. Smartphones continue to rise in popularity and studies tell us striking facts about people and their relationships to cell phones. These include things like:
  • 80% of smartphone users have their phones on or near their body 22 hours per day (IDC/Facebook Report).
  • The majority of women say they can’t imagine life without their phones.
  • Latinos and African-Americans surpass whites for smartphone ownership (Pew).

    For many people, smartphones and tablets are their primary Internet portal. If your site isn’t mobile compatible – across the digital spectrum – you are definitely missing out on an opportunity to establish yourself as an authority in your field. A site that is not mobile compatible is guiding potential leads to the next link on the search engine results page.
    2.There’s no such thing as too many forms. Include contact forms and CTAs (Calls-To-Action) of some kind on every single page. Look at the keywords people are using to find you (while you still can) and create content that is both compassionate and solution specific. The visible form will be hard to resist and will help you to capture more leads.
    3.Contact your leads immediately! Common sense tells us that response time matters. Obviously, the sooner you contact a prospective lead, the better. However, survey results have shown that every single minute between the lead submission and your response is more valuable than you may have thought. According to survey results published by Lead Response Management, you are 20 times more likely to convert a lead in the first five minutes than after the first 30. Thirty minutes goes by quick; it’s a lunch break, it’s one appointment or less, it’s the amount of time it takes your front office staff to listen and answer the voice mails from the previous evening. Consider using a service like HubSpot , which will notify you via email when a lead comes in. This way, your staff has the ability to connect immediately, and harness the power of that first five or ten minutes.
    4.Create personable and credible content. Producing high-quality content is a critical digital marketing practice. However, your practice has another niche in the quality-content world. You are a healthcare practice, and one that deals with a patients’ physical health – as well as their self-esteem and body image. Therefore, you content needs to be educational and informative, as well as empowering and sensitive. Consider using testimonials on your site wherever you can, showing real photos of real people and their heartfelt words about your practice. In addition to making you a trustworthy and genuine source of information, this personal touch can help the branding component of your bariatric center marketing.
    5.Be as visual as possible. Humans are visual creatures and visual content is liked and shared more often than text-only content. Your bariatric practice has the ability to change lives, and you can use visuals in the form of photos, videos, and infographics to get your message across in short, share-able, meaningful snippets. Using powerful visuals will help your site, and will also boost your social media engagement. While you’re at it, your visuals will also enhance your brand and your blog.

This is the time to sit down with your bariatric center marketing team – or reach out to a marketing agency – and begin creating your plan of action for 2014. It’s a new era for healthcare AND digital marketing in the United States and you want your bariatric practice to be well-positioned when newly insured patients are finally able to make the changes they have only dreamed about in the past.


Published November 21, 2013 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Healthcare Marketing