5 Easy and Ingenious Healthcare Marketing Ideas

Healthcare marketing has evolved dramatically over the years. For marketing directors or managers within healthcare organizations, it has become increasingly challenging to come up with fresh and effective marketing strategies.

The healthcare industry seems to be obsessed with maturing Americans. Given that the baby boomers are aging and that health problems increase with age, this makes sense; however, it's also important to pay attention to the younger generations as they present an interesting opportunity to build your future customer base. So how can you target younger Americans with your healthcare marketing?

1. Be Relevant

Use pop culture and recent trends in your marketing programs. Healthcare services and solutions exist for all ages - but typically aren't a key concern or issue for younger Americans. Find and develop case studies that feature those in their teens, 20s, or 30s to demonstrate how your facility (or organization) helped them.

You can often find a local celebrity to help endorse your cause. (They don't have to be from Hollywood to have an impact.) Study what is most concerning to people at different stages in their lives. Those in their 20s and 30s could be thinking about preventative care, family planning, or might already have a young family. What can you offer them?

2. Sponsorships

Younger people probably aren’t thinking much about how to manage existing health problems. If they are thinking about their health, it’s more likely from the perspective of maintaining their current good health. To gain visibility, tap into this mindset. Consider sponsoring community activities such as 10K runs, triathlons, or free health screenings, which can provide you with an opportunity to showcase your expertise and build your email/newsletter database.

3. Offer Technology

Having a cutting edge facility is clearly important in remaining competitive. However, when considering what younger patients and consumers expect, don’t forget to include non-healthcare-related offers. For example, free WiFi will immediately make your facility more attractive to the plugged-in younger generation. The pediatric wing could have a video game station for recuperating youngsters. Decor could also be tailored to appeal more to the type of client you wish to attract.

4. Include Social Media

Healthcare marketing can be improved by leveraging social media. Have you considered tweeting live procedures? This tactic has been used by some hospitals to build a sense of community and excitement. There are great things being done with Pinterest now, too. Have you started your boards? Show some of your success stories or encourage your patients to share.

Maintaining any kind of active profile on a social media sites demonstrates to the digital generation that your business is current and relevant. Studies show that about one-third of consumers use some type of social media platform to search for healthcare information, so make sure you have a visible presence in social media.

5. Create Compelling Content

The majority of patients look online for medical information, whether before or after visiting their doctor. Unfortunately, the quality of medical-related information found online is quite inconsistent. You can place yourself ahead of the competition by ensuring that your facility is the home to accurate, reliable information in your field. Write articles, create blog posts, videotape your specialist -- all of these will increase your relevance to audiences and search engines alike, leading to an influx of new customers.

Published March 17, 2017.
Categories: Healthcare Marketing