47 ways to repurpose content – a visual reference map

Maybe you wrote a blog post that took three hours to write – but it got 10+ comments. Maybe you also took a photo at an event that got a good amount of likes on Facebook for your client.

How can you repurpose this content to make it go the distance? “Repurposing” – when done correctly – can save you time and money. Also, if you are creative with what you do with the “new” content, most viewers will probably not be able to tell you already used it on another social media channel. Or even if they do, you can gain additional visibility for your original content.

For example, with that great blog post you just wrote – why not pull out the most interesting key points and work them into your Twitter feed? And that hilarious photo you took? Add it to a new Pinterest board with other photos from the event.

Increase your visibility and make life a bit easier by getting creative with how you repurpose your content. Learn more in the article below.


Content has quickly become a key marketing strategy for most companies today as a way to build trust and drive leads and sales. To increase their visibility to potential customers, marketers must “repurpose” or adapt the content they have created to different social media channels. That’s the purpose of this mind map – to highlight the many ways in which you can do this. The post 47 ways to repurpose content – a visual reference map appeared first on Mind Mapping Software Blog…


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Published October 9, 2013 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Content Marketing