45% of people say they regularly seek brands' social networking pages

Survey results released earlier today claim that 45% of people say they regularly look up brands' social networking pagers. This is powerful data for companies and brands - no matter what the size or industry. The new data was compiled and released by the Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange.

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Here is a breakdown of those who say they check out brands' social networking pages - females under 35 make up the largest percentage.

What are the take-aways for brands? More people are seeing brands as their "friends" - especially those under 35. According to the research, 54% of this age group regularly check out brand pages - whether they are initially attracted by contests, special promotions or unique connection that compels them to keep up on developments.

Don't forget that one of the key benefits of social media for brands is the opportunity to interact with fans. Those who are most engaged comment, ask questions and provide feedback to companies on Facebook in ways that can't be duplicated with a simple website.

The study concludes, "with so many people connecting with brands on social networking, it is important for brands to regularly create content to keep these "friends" engaged."  We couldn't agree more.

About the study: The findings are from a 24-country survey of online adults conducted by Ipsos OTX and Ipsos Global @dvisor, Wave 37, September 4-18, 2012.

Published March 17, 2017.
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