30+ The Most Creative WordPress Themes of 2017

30+ The Most Creative WordPress Themes of 2017

At Kaufer DMC, we do a ton of website redesigns for all types of companies. Most of the designs we do are on the WordPress platform. We’ve consistently touted WordPress for its simplicity, functionality, and ease-of-use.

Typically, there are two ways of redesigning your website. The first is using a pre-programmed and pre-designed theme that a WordPress theme developer has created. This is usually a lower cost alternative than the second design option; a custom-designed WordPress theme.

While a custom design typically costs more, there are numerous advantages to a custom-built site vs. a pre-packaged theme. These include more design, functionality, and compatibility options, better security, and much more flexibility when changing designs and features. Custom designed websites are built for growth, while pre-built templates aren’t as easily modified.

We’ve completed many website projects using both methods, and each option typically depends on the budget of the client. However, we generally prefer building custom websites because of their flexibility. Too many times we’ve run into coding road blocks due to the lack of flexibility of pre-built WordPress themes.

Still, many of these pre-built themes have amazing designs. There are also new themes being released all the time.

What are the most creative WordPress themes of 2017? Does your company need a website redesign? Get in touch with us today!

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Published January 26, 2017 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Content Marketing