23 Top Physicians to Follow on Twitter

Whether you are just getting started along the digital healthcare marketing path, or are already a tried-and-true Twitter user, it’s always good to keep abreast of what others in your industry are tweeting about. Therefore, we compiled a list of 25 doctors (all MDs) worth following.

Via twitter.com/DrOz @DrOz

  1. Dr. Oz. / @Dr.Oz – – We know, we know, he’s oh-so-trendy. But that means there’s a good chance your patients are getting their information from him.
  2. Kent Holtorof / @HotorfMed – – Thyroid and hormone imbalance issues are his specialty, and a hot topic for middle-aged patients.
  3. Kevin Pho / @kevinmd – – He’s a pro at using social media with more than 80,000 followers.
  4. Mark Ryan / @RichmondDoc – – Dr. Ryan focuses on serving underprivileged communities.
  5. Mike Sevilla / @drmikesevilla – – Get a behind the scenes perspective on life as a family physician.
  6. Val Jones / @drval – – Good thing she went into medicine or she might have given us a run for our digital healthcare marketing money. Dr. Val is a serial blogger, and has headed up the medical blogging network Better Health, which is worth a read.
  7. Jeffrey Cain / @aafpprez – – He just became the president of the American Academy of Family Physicians so listen up!
  8. John La Puma / @johnlapuma – – Dr. La Puma is a physician and a chef, so his philosophy is all about the ancient idea of letting your food be your medicine.
  9. Bertalan Meskó / @Berci – – Tweeting from Hungary, this doctor loves the intersection of medicine and technology, providing an interesting twist.
  10. Kenny Lin / @kennylinafp – – He is the editor of the American Family Physician Journal.
  11. Mary L Brandt / @drmlb – – She is a pediatric physician but blogs about everything from children’s health, tasty, healthy recipes, and tips for general well-being.
  12. Dr. Joe / @drjoesDIYhealth – – Dr. Joe’s Tweets come to us via the land down under. Intermingled with his tweets about general health tips, Dr. Joe includes inspiring quotes and quips.
  13. Kevin Bernstein / @BernieMD31 – – In addition to being a family doctor, he is also a lieutenant in the Navy and writes his own blog, Future of Family Medicine.
  14. Ves Dimov / @DrVes – – He loves to stock his Twitter feeds full of links to helpful, healthful, information. By day, he is the Assistant Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics at the University of Chicago.
  15. Glen Stream / @grstream – – This guy loves all things IT related and is a former AAFP president. Some people get to have it all.
  16. Tim Sturgill / @symtym – – He provides an interesting insight on disaster and emergency healthcare. Dr. Strugill also has a deep interest in the legal and ethical responsibilities for using social media for healthcare marketing.
  17. Mark Browne @consultdoc – – This doctor is now a physician’s consultant, and works to bridge the gap between healthcare, business, and finance. He is a good resource for smart healthcare business tips.
  18. Troy Fiesinger @TroyTxFamilyDoc – – Dr. Fiesinger tweets about healthcare policy and reform news, and also maintains his own blog, Texas Family Doc.
  19. Jay Parkinson @jayparkinson – – In addition to keeping a regular feed going, Dr. Parkinson started a secure social network called Hello Health, an EMR that allows doctors and patients to keep an open stream of communication via the office and online.
  20. Kathy Nieder / @docnieder. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Doc Nieder is interested in how mobile health can create a more affordable and accessible healthcare paradigm for the larger population.
  21. Richard Besser / @DrRichardBesser – – Since Dr. Besser tweets for ABC News, his feed has a decent following. The tweets are interesting and he often interacts with his followers.
  22. Marty Makary / @DrMartyMD – – He tweets on a range of topics from Alzheimer’s research to health eating.
  23. Your Doctor / @? – Don’t forget to check up on what your doctor is tweeting!

Published October 1, 2013 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Healthcare Marketing, Social Media, Twitter