14 Awesome Content Marketing Statistics that Demonstrate It’s Impact on Both B2B and B2C Companies in 2016

It’s the story, stupid.

When it comes to building a brand and reputation, smart marketers have known since the days of Mad Men that you need to create an interesting story to get attention. First it was advertising and then PR when newspapers, magazines, TV and radio media outlets were the filter to consumers. We saw the evolution to advertorials and infomercials – not to mention Video News Releases.

All shared a common goal: trying to tell an interesting story.

Now that we’re all immersed in a digital world, our media consumption options have exploded and this has created both opportunities and chaos for companies wondering how to remain relevant for their customers, clients, and patients.

Well, guess what? We’re now squarely in the content marketing era. Smart organizations and companies have figured out that they now don’t need big media outlets to reach their audiences if – and it’s a big IF – they provide the type of information being sought by their audiences.

And it doesn’t matter if your company is B2B or B2C – content marketing has a role in both worlds. Want proof? Here are some content marketing statistics that demonstrate the impact it will have on B2B and B2C companies in 2016:

  1. The most effective B2B content marketers allocate a larger portion of their budget to content marketing: 42% of their total budget, compared to 28% for less-effective marketers.
  2. 76% of B2B marketers say they will produce more content in 2016 than in previous years.
  3. 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as part of their content strategy. Other popular platforms include Twitter (87%), Facebook (84%), YouTube (74%) and Google+ (62%).
  4. 66% of B2B marketers report using search engine marketing (SEM), making it the most used paid marketing tactic among B2B companies.
  5. B2C marketers use infographics more than any other content strategy. 62% report using infographics, and 63% from this group said they were effective. 
  6. Content marketing budgets have increased among B2C companies this year: On average, 32% of total marketing budgets are going towards content, compared to 25% last year.
  7. The most popular content marketing tactic reported by 90% of B2C businesses is social media; the next most used tactics are illustrations and photos (87%), eNewsletters (83%), videos (82%) and website articles (81%).
  8. The most effective content marketing strategy for B2C businesses is eNewsletters (61% of marketers say these are effective). Other effective strategies are in-person events (67%), illustrations/photos (66%) and social media content (66%).
  9. The most popular social media platform among B2C businesses is Facebook, with 94% reporting its usage. Other popular platforms are Twitter (82%), YouTube (77%) and LinkedIn (76%).
  10. The most popular paid advertising methods for B2C marketers are promoted posts and search engine marketing (SEM). 76% of businesses reported using these strategies.
  11. 66% of B2C marketers say Facebook is their most effective social platform; this is followed by YouTube (53%), Twitter (50%) and Instagram (42%).
  12. 69% of marketers say they plan to increase their use of blogging this year. 
  13. The average word count of top-ranking content (in Google) is between 1,140-1,285 words.
  14. Marketers who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to achieve a positive ROI on their efforts.

Don’t be overwhelmed if you’re worried about creating content. Start small – even one blog post per week can have an impact on your SEO and get you rolling as an industry and subject matter expert. If you don’t have time to write the blogs yourself, hire a writer or agency to help – it’s more affordable than you might think. Just remember the game has changed for companies (although the goal hasn’t). Those with the best stories are those who will win in this new digital marketing age.

Written by David Kaufer

David Kaufer is Founding Partner and Chief Dynamic Office in Kaufer DMC. He’s also a huge Oregon Ducks & Microbrew nut, Dad of awesome 9-year-old twin boys, husband, and big Sustainability and Autism advocate.





Published February 16, 2016 by David Kaufer.
Categories: Content Marketing