"Good to Go" - Taco Bell Announces Mobile Ordering App

Taco Bell is becoming even more “good to go” with its plan to roll out a mobile ordering app later this year. Making fast food even faster, Taco Bell is capitalizing not only on its concept of quick service but also their target customer, millennials. The millennial generation is nearly inseparable from their smartphones, and Taco Bell appears to be one of the first fast food restaurants to be taking advantage of this demographic.

Taco Bell is already on the ball in engaging its millennial age customers, through active retweeting and interaction with its customers on social media. But its mobile ordering plans are definitely expanding its reach of the target millennial consumer, and it may be what separates them from the competition.

To give some perspective, Taco Bell isn’t quite the first quick service restaurant to employ mobile ordering. Chipotle has been helping hungry customers skip the line since 2009 using a mobile ordering app. But with Taco Bell’s widespread availability, both in terms of hours and location, it is a huge development in the fast food industry, surely promoting other fast food giants to answer back with their own mobile ordering options in the near future.

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Published February 18, 2014 by Luke Severn.
Categories: Marketing