Our Team

David Kaufer

Founder and Chief Dynamic Officer

David brings 20+ years of experience pioneering global marketing, branding, communications and public relations programs in a unique blend of major agency, start-up/entrepreneurial and Fortune 500 corporate environments - from college sports to cable broadcast, consumer to mobile/wireless technology, to ecommerce, legal and healthcare.

David has created and managed integrated marketing, public relations and communication programs for a range of consumer, technology, and B2B clients. He served as acting VP of Marketing for several clients - from managing internal and external resources to executing PR and marketing programs. He also developed and coordinated messaging across multiple platforms, including websites, mobile applications, blogs, and social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Gayle Murray

Healthcare Marketing Manager

With over 20 years of experience in the healthcare sales and marketing industry, Gayle has broad experience developing and managing successful marketing and public relations programs, conducting community outreach, event planning, and project management. Gayle works with our healthcare clientele to determine and implement their marketing needs which often include messaging and outreach on website and all social media platforms.

Jill Poon

Technical Solutions Architect

Jill Poon has been coding since she was 10 years old, booting up the family IBM PC with a floppy disk and programming in BASICA.  While she never planned to pursue a career in computers, a career with computers found her.  As a business process consultant with Accenture she help businesses across various industries, from Food to Healthcare to Manufacturing, to improve process efficiencies through automation.  During this time she found her unique ability to bridge the communication gap between individuals who “live in the code” and the “big idea” people who may not know how the system works, but they know how they want it to work.  Jill brought this skillset to her role as a technical educator for a software start-up where she helped companies understand the best way to use the software, and work with the technical teams to help them understand how to best implement customizations to the software.   Eventually, looking for a position that would offer more flexibility and less travel, Jill began to build websites for small businesses, creating her first WordPress website in 2007.  Jill is a dynamic web developer adept at combining technical and creative skills to construct bold and compelling web based solutions.  When she isn’t on her computer creating beautiful websites, she can be found cheering at the hockey rink in all her hockey-mom glory, hiking in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, or training for her next physical endeavor, running the 92 mile Wonderland Trail around the base of Mt. Rainer. 

Kayla Larson

Director of Data Analytics & Search Engine Marketing

Kayla's fascination with marketing began early in life, as she fell in love with cosmetics. The packaging and marketing of similar formulated products sold at drastically different price points sparked her curiosity in the industry. This fascination lead Kayla to pursue a Master's Degree in Marketing from McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas, where she acquired a love for data. Kayla now specializes in search engine marketing and paid ads across the digital marketing platforms. She has experience managing and consulting on digital marketing strategy for hundreds of companies from small, local businesses to global enterprises.

Eugenia Glas

Graphic Design Dynamo

With a natural inclination for appreciating beauty and doing beautiful things, Eugenia studied arts at IUNA university in Buenos Aires and she also studied anthropology for a few years. She was introduced to the principles of graphic design by the father of her first daughter and ever since 2006 she has been developing as a graphic designer, continually learning by self-education methods. Eugenia has created dozens of logos and websites for clients worldwide. Eugenia lives in Capilla del Monte, Cordoba, Argentina, where she is a happy wife and mother of three amazing kids.

Carrie Whittier

Dynamic Content Director

Carrie has worked as a freelance writer since 2010. She has a B.A. in biology with a minor in music, exemplifying her interests in a broad range of subjects. She even completed a single-subject teaching credential in Language Arts just to keep things interesting. Carrie's penchant for learning about "everything under the sun" has helped her develop a broad client base. She's written about subjects ranging from SEO and marketing strategies, to the realms of science, healthcare and even construction. Carrie believes her greatest asset as a writer is the ability to take a complex subject, or professional niche jargon, and translate it into language the average web searcher can read, understand, and (hopefully) enjoy. In the meantime, she loves that being a freelancer has allowed her to geek out on virtually any subject she's interested in. If she won the lottery, Carrie would alternate between cocooning herself up in a tiny cabin in the woods, where she would treat family and friends to homemade meals, and traveling the world's universities as a seasonal student-in-residence.

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