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Marketing Automation
With marketing automation, you'll have access to powerful tools to help you fully integrate and optimize your marketing efforts, driving more leads and converting them into more sales.

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Social Media
Whether you want to build brand awareness on Facebook, Twitter, or the next big social media platform, we've got the tools and experts to turn your social media fans into happy customers.

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Website Design, Development, and Maintenance
Having a beautiful, mobile optimized website is crucial for any serious business in today's increasingly online world. Our professional designers and developers bring your website to life.

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Content Creation
If you haven't heard, content is king. Blog posts, eBooks, white papers, and videos are the digital currency that drives people to your website. Use our content experts to cash in now.

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Reputation Management
Your online reputation is everything. You better believe potential customers check you out online when making a decision. Our tools drive more positive online reviews and ensure trust among your key audiences.

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Mobile Marketing
Know anyone without a cell phone? We didn’t think so. Get in front of the billions of mobile users by sending tailored content right to someone's pocket while driving qualified leads right into your pipeline.

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Maybe you've heard of SEO and SEM, but do you really understand what they are? Our experts get your website ranked higher in search engines, social media networks & directories, creating more leads for your business.

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public relations
From brand development to communication and media relations outreach, KDMC’s team combines extensive PR experience with a laser sharp client focus.

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How Long Does SEO Take To Start Working?

A lot of people who hear the term “SEO” have no idea what it means. We hear all the time from prospective clients that they just want to “increase their SEO” and rank better in search engines without having the faintest idea what that means.

And that’s OK. Search Engine Optimization is confusing and difficult to nail down and manage. Even SEO experts are sometimes guessing when it comes to what will work. There’s a lot of trial and error, and it takes a lot of time and effort to rank on search engines and do it the right way. That’s why we’re here to help.

A question we’re often asked is how long does SEO take to start working? There’s no easy answer to this, but generally, SEO takes quite a bit of time. It can take at minimum six to eight months to start seeing some real results, and even more in most cases. To get a complete picture of the time-frame and amount of work that goes into solid SEO rankings, read consultant John Doherty’s full article at www.johnfdoherty.com.


Social Media Marketing Cheat Sheet 2017 – Website Builder.org.uk

We all need a little help sometimes. Especially when it comes to marketing. Social media marketing, in particular, can be quite complicated. With the different platforms, posting and communication strategies, social media marketing is often viewed as complicated, saturated and a waste of time. Mix that with social media advertising, branding, and the various promotion strategies surrounding events, articles, videos, apps and products, and social media goes from a fun marketing activity to a stressful and complex one that companies might avoid or put off.

That’s a mistake. Social media is now deeply ingrained in the digital world, and it needs to be deeply integrated into your marketing strategy.

That’s why our friends at Website Builder.org.uk are here to help. They put together a cheat sheet that covers the various ins-and-outs of the social media animal to give you the upper hand on your social media strategy.

Read the full article at: websitebuilder.org.uk


How health care works around the world

Today, House Republican leaders pulled the vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act, aka “Obamacare,” simultaneously killing the new GOP health care bill, the American Health Care Act.

For the foreseeable future, Obamacare will be in place. For the millions of Americans who are covered by Obamacare, this is welcome news. However, issues remain with Obamacare that many believe need to be revised, such as its many complications, the potential addition to the U.S. budget deficit, and how medicare reimburses hospitals.

Health care in America is the most expensive in the world. For a country with the highest GDP of any country in the world, this doesn’t seem to make a lot of fiscal sense. Many countries around the world have successfully figured out universal health care. What is health care like for these other countries around the world?

Read the full article at: edition.cnn.com


The 10 Best & Biggest New PPC Features of the Year – Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Are you participating in search-engine marketing?
Pay-per-click ads can be a great tool to use in your marketing arsenal, but it can often be difficult to create effective advertisements that turn searchers into customers. Pay-per-click services such as Google Adwords and Bing Ads are also constantly changing and it’s sometimes exhausting to keep up with.

However, often these changes to pay-per-click platforms are for the better. For instance, take Google’s expanded text ad update that allowed Google Adwords users to create text advertisements that are twice the size of the Google ads we’ve come to know.

What were some other changes and PPC features that occurred last year, which you’ll need to pay attention to in 2017?

Read the full article at: medium.com



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